On December 7, 2018, the new penstock of the Chavonne hydroelectric plant, owned by CVA, entered service.

It is a new steel pipe D=1,500 mm with a parallel layout to the two existing pipelines, for a length of about 285 m, in the section immediately downstream of the forebay.

The new penstock is anchored with reinforced concrete blocks and support saddles and is sized for a capacity of 8.0 m3 / s; two distributor steel branches guarantee the connection of the new penstock to the existing two.

Hydrodata developed the preliminary, definitive and executive project and then the construction works supervision. The construction site was complex due to the steepness of the slopes and the difficulties in accessing the site areas, and required the construction of a cable car. Some arrangements and finishing of the intervention remain to be completed, in full compliance with the contract term fixed on May 2, 2019.

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