The Municipality of Milan entrusted Hydrodata, in association with Art Srl, for the revision of the geological, hydrogeological and seismic component (LR 12/2005 art. 57) and for the adaptation of the Territorial Government Plan (PGT) to the Flood Risk Management Plan (PGRA), pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 49/2010.

Hydrodata is responsible for:  the revision of the geological and hydrogeological component of the PGT (with the assessment of the evolution of the subsidence of the first aquifer); the preparation of the simplified document of the hydraulic risk (DGR n. 7372 of 20/11/2017, “Regulation containing criteria and methods for compliance with the principle of hydraulic and hydrological invariance”) and of the Guidelines for the assessment of hydrological and hydraulic compatibility; the PGT update to the PGRA for the Seveso, Garbogera, Pudiga, Guisa and the Lambro rivers; the updating of the hydrographic network and the drafting of the hydraulic police document.

Two are the particularly interesting elements: the simulation with 2D models of flood conditions along the culvert stretches of the 4 streams crossing the urbanized area of Milan; the new approach to the mitigation of hydraulic risk in urban areas through the definition of structural and non-structural measures referring to hydrological and hydraulic invariance criteria.

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