Hydrodata designs and realizes monitoring networks with fixed measurement stations for real-time data transmission. It carries out flow measurement campaigns, hydrometric surveys, chemical, biological, environmental and ecosystem quality analysis, monitoring of reclamation plants.
Hydrodata deals with the computerization and final management of data, hydrological data integrated with weather data and water quality data, stage-discharge relationship management and final hydrological balance. For over thirty years Hydrodata has been operating following a deterministic approach and seeking feedback with direct data on the results of theoretical studies. In this perspective, the Models and Measurements Laboratory (LMM) was born, structured to guarantee the widest field operations and the capacity for rapid measurement, installation and maintenance of instrumentation for the qualitative and quantitative monitoring of surface and underground water.

Main Activities


Flow measurements in both free and pressure flow conditions


Measures of solid transport and measures of marine currents below the coast


Phreatimetric measurements, pumping tests


Bathymetric surveys for topographic checks


Quality measurements of surface and underground water


Environmental surveys and measures


Installation and maintenance of measurement stations


Realization of physical models

Main Projects