On April 5, 2018 the physical model designed by Hydrodata was presented to validate the hydraulic behaviour of the intake works of the Bisagno torrent floodway tunnel, during the executive design phase.

The President of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, being also the Special Commissioner for Bisagno works, was present at the presentation together with the Regional Councillor for Infrastructures and Civil Protection Giacomo Giampedrone, some members of the Superior Council of Public Works, who are examining the project, and some representatives of the Municipality of Genoa.

The model was realized in Santhià (Vercelli), among the canals of the former Experimental Hydrometric Station of the early 1900s, made available by the Coutenza dei Canali Cavour.

The model, on a 1:43 scale, represents 250 m of Bisagno torrent, the barrage, the intake works and the first 100 m of the future floodway tunnel, and was tested for the flood event with 200 years return period, considering also the presence of floating material transported by the current. Experimental results confirm the validity of the assumptions at the base of the project design.

The model was developed by Hydrodata during the executive design phase of the entire tunnel, in ATI with Rocksoil SpA, Art Srl, ingg. Mario Cangiano, Francesco De Sanctis, Paolo Gallo and Francesca Giomi.