Hydrodata supports all industrial, institutional and infrastructure realities involved with the sustainable use of water.

Hydrodata is a solid and reliable company, with experience and consolidated customers in the following markets.

Public administrations

Regions, Provinces and Municipalities, such as Irrigated and Reclamation Consortia, Mountain Unions, District Authorities or Local Ambit Authorities turn to Hydrodata for study and planning of interventions aimed at solving territorial problems related to soil protection, protection from floods, preservation of coastlines, use and protection of water resources and of the natural environment.

Hydroelectric producers

Hydroelectric plants supply around 20% of national electricity. Hydrodata supports energy producers, hydroelectric asset managers, investors in the renewable energy sector, to design and build new plants, to optimize the energy production of existing plants, to respond to management needs related to regulatory changes, to provide adequate assistance in authorization procedures and in M&A transactions.


Hydrodata works with the main Italian utilities for the management of the integrated water service, providing consultancy and engineering services related to the entire water use cycle: intake, storage, adduction and distribution, collection, drainage and discharge, with particular attention to water savings and energy efficiency issues, to optimize service management both in urban and rural areas.


For many industrial companies, from the chemical to the food sector to the paper sector, water is an indispensable resource. For these realities Hydrodata offers services to optimize production systems and water supply, water treatment processes and quality parameters control. Hydrodata also designs interventions to make industrial sites safe from flood risks, analyses pollution risks, carries out qualitative-quantitative and environmental monitoring activities, develops technical solutions for the reclamation of polluted sites.

Road dealers and rail networks companies

Rainwater and hydrographic interference undermine the safety of road and rail infrastructure. Hydrodata assists infrastructure network managers, on a national scale, through studies, analysis and design of hydraulic works such as bridges, crossings, tunnels, flood protection systems and drainage systems. Hydrodata also offers monitoring and control and inspection services for maintenance purposes.

Construction companies

Hydrodata operates in partnership with the main construction companies active in the civil infrastructure, transport and water works sectors, collaborating in the construction of hydroelectric plants, distribution networks (aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines), irrigation works and reclamation interventions, drainage systems, hydraulic river works. Hydrodata provides consultancy, planning and specialized technical support services also in the field of monitoring and control during construction.