Over forty years’ experience in the development of hydraulic engineering projects, combined with multidisciplinary skills are the basis of Hydrodata offer, which is developed in four main business lines.


Hydrodata designs hydraulic works as well as hydrogeological protection works, land reclamation plans and safety measures for soils and groundwater, with diversified skills – hydraulics, structural engineering, geotechnics, electromechanics, environment, landscape – addressing all project’s phases.


Hydrodata provides comprehensive technical and economic consultancy services to optimize the management and use of water, with reference to the availability of water resources, hydrological and environmental quality of the territory and socio-economic implications. It supports organizations and operators in project planning and M&A.


Hydrodata carries out analysis and studies on water, through research and applied design, in the field of hydrology and hydraulics, pollution phenomena, hydro morphological evolution of watercourses, hydrogeological instability and underground hydrology.


Hydrodata designs and realizes monitoring networks with fixed measurement stations for real-time data transmission. It carries out flow measurement campaigns, hydrometric surveys, chemical, biological, environmental and ecosystem quality analysis, monitoring of reclamation plants.