Hydrodata carries out analysis and studies on water, through research and applied design, in the field of hydrology and hydraulics, pollution phenomena, hydro morphological evolution of watercourses, hydrogeological instability and underground hydrology.

Hydrodata provides services to define reliably flow rates and water availability, both surface and underground, to accurately represent hydrodynamic phenomena both in watercourses and in groundwater, to optimize works and infrastructures design to guarantee the hydraulic safety of the territory or to secure contaminated aquifers. Hydrodata uses state-of-the-art numerical modelling tools and sets up physical models to perform direct experiments to study particularly complex phenomena.

Main Activities


Hydrological, hydrogeological and hydrodynamic analysis to guarantee the safety of the territory


Ecological-environmental, hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical analysis to guarantee the quality and the use of water


Analysis of morphological evolution trends of river beds and coastal shores to plan and implement effective interventions over time


Studies on soil pollution, landfills and polluted sites, for recovery interventions

Main Projects